Lori Glori (real name Lori Ham, aka Lori Hölzel) is an American vocalist that does not only convince through the quality of her voice, but also through vocal performances, which you can enjoy live and in person on several stages.

Already as young, she used to sing Gospel music in her home town San Francisco. At the age of 17 she won the 'Miss Black San Francisco' beauty pageant and after that, she toured the world with Bill Summers & Summers Heat for seven years. Back in the United States she has been doing the backing vocals for an impressive list of popular Soul Acts such as Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Thelma Houston, Barry White, Midnight Star, Cameo and a few others.

She decided to live in Germany after her last tour with Summer Heat and have since then concentrated successfuly on her own career. She has toured with numerous artists such as Jennifer Rush and Mary (German travesty star).

In 1991 Lori signed a contract with producer Frank Farian for the dancefloor hit My Body & Soul. She worked on several projects such as Rythm & Dance Machine (Never, Shingen-O-Dakio), Andi Slavik (Indians Spirits, C&A commercial advertising video), all of them being very successful.

For RTL's - UNESCO gala in New Year 1994, Lori performed Michael Jackson's mega hit We Are The World in German. She was chosen by John de Mol from among other singers that were to sing with a chorus of 110 people from the showbusiness live on RTL TV.

With Dance Music Productions (DMP) Lori Glori has become an important part of several charts-hitting projects. She is the voice behind hits as Intermission' Piece Of My Heart (21 weeks on the German charts, peak position 8) SixDays (11 weeks on the German charts, peak position 20) and Give Peace A Chance, as well as Major T's Keep The Frequency Clear and the Loft hits Wake The World and Live It Up. She also took part to Magic Affair's track Magical Love Affair and to Rhythm and Dance Machine's single Never.

Lori also worked with DJ Bobo but this collaboration ended with a trial. Lori complained about the fact that during the live shows her voice was used whereas an other singer was on the stage. The regional court rejected its complaint however. She finally surrendered all rights to DJ Bobo in exchange of approximately ten thousand Marks.

In 1997 she joined Blair McCoy (but maybe Blair McCoy is only a scene name for Lori herself) to created the project Holy Groove. The project covered gospel classics and remixed them in the RnB or even dance style (such as Oh Happy Day, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Amen). An album called The New Sound of Gospel, as well as a single Let It Be (a cover of the Beatles' hit), were released.

In 1998, her voice was featured by the project Xxpolove for the single Ooh La La I Wanna Have Some...

In 1999 she took part to a collective project Rappers Against racism with LaMazz, Jay Supreme and Tooper. They released a single entitled Sorry.

In 2000, she contributed to the project Hotstuff for the self-titled single Hot Stuff

Lori Glori went through very hard times. After moving back to the US, in Oakland California, she found herself penniless on the streets and eventually even in Santa Rita County prison, where she started writing new songs.

2004 : Holy Groove's album was re-released as third CD of a gospel compilation entitled The Very Best Of Gospel Spirit

2006 : Lori recorded a new single called Show Me The Way with Mathias Blauenstein, a mix of pop, soul and gospel. On the CD, available from her official website, there were 3 other songs. She currently lives in Switzerland.

2008 : at the end of February, Lori took part to the Swiss Gospel Contest 2008 final, and finally got #3.

Lorenzo Woodard, a German transexuel artist, chose Lory Glory as pseudonym for his carreer. Lori Glori wanted him to change this, so she went to court since she owns the rights on the name. In October, Lorenzo had to change his scene name for Lorielle London.

2009 : Lori Glori recorded a new single entitled Love Not War, and a collaboration with DJ and producer Ronnie Maze entitled Run For The Victory. She was featured on F-Junior's new dance track Oyeo.

2010 : Lori Glori recorded a new song Party Must Go On with the DJ duo Global Disco Rockerz.

2011 : Lori Glori did vocals on a song by Rico Bernasconi entitled Oh No No. Damaris Kofmehl wrote a book about Lori Glori's life.

2012 : Lori published a sample of song You Know What, from forthcoming album of the same title. Single You Make Me Feel So Good was planned for download at the end of December but nothing came out.

2013 : Lori will release her forthcoming single Shine under her new stage name Lori L Ham.

2014 : in January, Lori released her new single You Know What, including 2 excellent eurodance remixes by Real Thing and raps by Viper (Free 2 Night). She shot the videoclip for a song entitled This is our planet.

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